March 10, 2009

Life in Ohio

Well, back to reality. I spent the past 2 weeks in the grand state of Illinois, completing the last phase of training for my job as an insurance adjuster. I was dreading going out there primarily because it was 2 weeks where I wouldn't be able to see Tyler or the cats, couldn't sleep in my own bed, and probably the most annoying thing - I couldn't cook because I was going to be stuck in a hotel room with no kitchen!
Once I got out there though, everything seemed a whole lot better... I met some really great people from all over the country, got to visit Chicago for a day and shop on the Magnificent Mile, see Lake Michigan from Navy Pier, had some awesome deep dish pizza, and generally had a wonderful time hanging out with new friends!
I am slowly learning that it's more important to experience life than it is to stick to a routine. Had I been closed-minded about the whole trip, I probably would have spent the entire time in my room, sulking and feeling sorry for myself... but instead I met cool people from all different places, went to some great restaurants, found a new favorite place to shop if I visit Normal, IL again... and I learned that I am very happy to have my own washer and dryer at home because laundromats suck!: )

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