May 17, 2010


This weekend I tackled the beams in the soon-to-be dining room. Was an interesting challenge as the folks who built this place (kudos to Donley Homes here in good ol' Pick-town) were kind enough to ensure that this home would withstand multiple owners, years of re-decorating and "sprucing up", and apparently also a Cat-5 hurricane. The cedar beams in the ceiling were a force to be reckoned with for sure - they were installed with heavy-duty framing nails - quite a bit of overkill in my opinion! I mean seriously, a grown man (my own dad) was HANGING FROM ONE OF THEM in an attempt to pull it down from the ceiling!!! I can safely say that if I had ever decided to hang something from the ceiling (flower basket, pinata, streamers, etc...) I would have been comforted in knowing that it would have held firm.

So here I sit, typing this message with still about 10 splinters in my hands, a sore bruised thumb, split and scraped knuckles, and a dining room ceiling that needs holes patched and painted now.



Glad I'll be on vacation in 2 weeks!!

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