June 20, 2010

If I ever see another gallon of paint...

I'm gonna SCREAM!!!!  
My kitchen redeux is quickly turning from a slight headache to a clusterf*** of a migraine.  Now, please don't get me wrong, I know that I will LOVE the results - it's just taking a hell of a long time (and a whole lotta paint fumes) to get there!!!
Today we spent the entire afternoon priming the kitchen/dining area - walls AND ceiling.  SO.... using some quick math here, the room is 11'6" x 46'.  Yes, I know that's ginormous and ridiculous, but what can I say?  It's MY kitchen and I want it that way!!! :-)   Anyhoo, taking those measurements and figuring an 8' ceiling, here's the rough dimensions of what I painted today: ((11'6" x 8')*2)+((46'x8')*2).   So 184 + 736, or 920 square feet for the walls, plus another 529 for the ceiling.  1449 square feet of paint!!! OMG!!!   And that's only the first coat!!   Fortunately (for my sake and for Tyler's) the second coat is just on the walls, so not quite so horrible!!
I painted a test swatch of the final color on the wall this evening just to double check it... officially the color is called "Summer Sun", but since it's my kitchen and my rules, I've re-named the color "Butter" as a quasi-tribute to one of my favorite cooks, Paula Deen  :-)  God love the woman for throwing caution to the wind and pitching her lipid panel results out the window and cooking with a pound of butter at a go!!! Now, I used to cook like this (to a degree) but have been watching what I eat a bit more carefully these days, so butter stretches further in the Voit household than it did in recent memory.
I am off to bed soon... but not before I could post some pics of the "during" kitchen fiasco!!! :-p

                                                                                              "during (in primer)"

                                                     "during (in primer)"

                                        My Butter Yellow Paint!!!!

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