June 6, 2010

Power Tools Are Hot

Ah, yes... I'm sure that you're reading this in the hopes that you'll be finding a picture of some stud-muffin holding a power saw, right?

Sorry - no such luck!!

I'm being literal here - as in power tools are scorching hot to the touch, occasionally spark at you (as does the drill that was a hand-me-down from my dad), and they are just generally a pain in the ass. Which is why I decided to tackle the kitchen tiled wall today with good old-fashioned brute strength and pry bars!! Oh, the joy of destroying what someone else thought was a good idea (but wasn't).

I had a pretty eventful day today - woke to the sound of tornado sirens (thanks, Violet Twp Fire Dept), my folks brought over some scrap carpet and a funky pink chair to put *somewhere* in my house; I sprayed poison ivy plants with Roundup to teach them a lesson, picked wild black raspberries in my yard (yay!!!), made a custom slipcover for a friend's ottoman, went to lunch at a yummy new Mexican place (in Pataskala, of all places!) and then got a wild hair and decided to break out the chisels, pry bars, hammers and mallets to beat the snot out of the ugly tile backsplash in my kitchen. VERY gratifying to rip, pull, tear and crush the ugly decorating choices of the morons who used to live in my house!

Lest I disappoint anyone who was hoping for the stud-muffin photos... I'll put some wall stud photos up instead. ;-p



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  1. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Good thing you're handy like this! Otherwise, it would stay this way and never be updated. Looking forward to the next installment.


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