March 23, 2011

Insurance Tests Kinda Suck...

OK, OK... not "kinda"... more like "really".   They suck the life out of you, draining every last drop of energy from your body as you're frantically studying for a test that you a) don't really care about; b) don't really want to take; and c) are probably not going to remember once you click "submit".   I am currently enrolled in a program in order to obtain an insurance and financial planning certification, and I haven't quite figured out how this relates to anything I do in my work or in my personal life.  My company is big on having employees participate in these programs, so last year I jumped in feet-first and signed on for one of these "designation" courses.  Unfortunately, I am not a self-study-type person, and I can't learn much of anything from just reading a book about finances... this is partly due to my lack of interest in the topic, and partly due to the fact that I tend to transpose numbers when calculating.  I'm a BIG fan of Excel and other spreadsheet-creating software because it has some fail-safes built into it so a single mis-keyed figure doesn't lead your whole string of numbers astray!  

How does all of this relate to my (typically) more interesting home improvement saga?  

I have an insurance test scheduled for one week from today, so I get to put ALL of my home improvement projects on the back burner so I can study (cram) this weekend.  BAH.  Meanwhile I've got swatches of gorgeous new paint colors on the living room wall, a custom-sewn sofa slipcover that's less than half-completed, beautiful new curtains hanging on old ugly curtain rods, and a pile of blank artist's canvases just waiting for inspiration so I can create some new abstract artwork for my living room and kitchen!

Happy Renovating (and Studying)!

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