December 5, 2011

Reasons Not To Decorate For Christmas

I have all of my Christmas decorations laying in a heap in the basement, just waiting to be put up in the living room and dining room.  I had such good intentions... I was going to put them up on Thanksgiving weekend, but then I didn't.  Then I was going to put them up this past weekend... but didn't.   Now I'm wondering, with less than three weeks until Christmas, if it's even worthwhile to bother with this year??   I don't have anyone coming over for a Christmas party; we're not hostingany family events (that I'm aware of at this time) and I am itching to get my living room overhaul completed ASAP!

Overhaul?  Yep.  New flooring (removing the carpet and recycling it;  putting down hardwood flooring to match the adjacent kitchen).  This will hopefully be done in the next two weeks.  Then it's sofa time!  Just ordered these from Macy's this evening and cannot wait!!!!

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