January 29, 2012

Living Room: The Big Reveal

I'm just going to get started by saying *WHEW*!!!!!!   This project was a handful - between the installation of the new hardwood flooring (all done by yours truly), the epic battles I've encountered with Macy's over the delivery of my new sofa & loveseat, and the shopping (and returning, and more shopping) I've done to furnish the room with accessories, I think I need a vacation now!!  
I'll just go through a quick run-down of photos of the room, and a few of the bigger items that I just love!   Enjoy! 

My new desk area - the peachy-colored rug had been hiding in storage for over a year; I had almost forgotten what it looked like!!! 

Overview of the room, complete with Sal and Frankie. 
My beautiful new sofas!  

An oldie but goodie.  This rocking chair belonged to Tyler's grandmother;  it was in quite a sad state before we got it.  My mom refinished it and brought it back to its original beauty! 

Antique market find of the month - a milk can from the old Pickerington Creamery.  I'm using it as a small end table...

Sal's new perch - the lid of the top trunk was torn to shreds, so I upholstered it with mattress ticking. Worked like a charm! 

Another fun antique market find - a ten-gallon stoneware crock.  It's also being used as an end table (like the milk can).  It's a little short right now; I'm going to build a little stand for it using some MDF and bun feet so it sits up about another 4-5 inches.  The tray on top may or may not get a fresh coat of paint... I can't decide if I like the floral, or if I'd rather paint it with a star (perhaps even a nautical star?) to match the crock.

A funky and fun parlor table I also picked up at the antique mall - it needs a little TLC but will soon get a facelift in an upcoming post... stay tuned! ;-) 

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