May 16, 2013

Garden Schmarden

I was SOOOOOOO excited about planting a garden this year!!   I started a whole bunch of crops from seed...  herbs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces...  ahhhhh the possibilities were going to be endless!  I tended to them every day when they were just little sprouts in my kitchen window, happily basking in the sunshine... I watered them and rotated them and loved them, all the while thinking of the amazing recipes I was going to create with my organic crops!   I transplanted them to peat pots with happy potting soil and moved them outside to live in the real world, out for all of the elements... fresh air, sunshine, warm breezes...  they LOVED being outside!

And then I got the brainy idea that I needed a greenhouse for them, just until there was no more threat of frost.  I bought it a few weeks ago and moved all of the plants into it... and then I forgot about them one morning when the forecast was warmer than average for early May.   And they got cooked. Not just, "I think they'll make it!! Give them some water, STAT!" kind of cooked...  more like, "I abandoned them in the Sahara Desert" kind of fried.  I was so sad!!  I watered them for a few days, thinking that they'd bounce back... a few of the lettuces showed some signs of life, but the vast majority of the plants were beyond saving.  I was crushed.  I failed at gardening (again!).  I destroyed poor, helpless little plant wonders that were going to be my ticket to grocery store freedom all summer long!   I single-handedly (and absent-mindedly) neglected something so simple to grow, something that would have beneficial to have all through the summer and into the fall...  and all because I just *had* to have that damn greenhouse.  That $29 vinyl atrocity from Big Lots. That plant-murdering-pvc-smelling piece of crap hot box of horrors...

I'm a little bitter about the whole thing.

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