August 30, 2009


Tyler and I went to Cincinnati yesterday for a Reds game, and we have determined that Ohio is the land of the imaginary traffic jam. You get the geniuses who will ride in the left lane, cruising at 60 mph and blabbering on their cell phones while others zip past them at 80 in the right lane... makes no sense! Then you get large, random groups of folks who caravan along like a bunch of camels in the desert... they ride almost bumper to bumper and usually take up both lanes so that it's impossible to pass them. Typically these groups are comprised of exclusively mini-vans, although occassionally you'll get a Suburban or two in the pack...
This is truly an Ohio-based phenomenon as we have both traveled outside of the state many times over the past few years, and it seems that we don't hit any snags until we get stuck in this phantom gridlock, somewhere along the first few miles of being in the Buckeye State...

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