April 27, 2010

ANOTHER new idea!

This time it's all about the back splash... I've decided to take an artistic and slightly goofy approach to this - I'll be creating a one-of-a-kind mosaic of broken Mexican talavera tiles, bits and pieces of solid-colored tiles (blue, red, and yellow) and MARBLES! Yep, Marbles! SOOOOOO excited to do this project now - it'll be my own little art studio in the kitchen for a while! I have missed flexing my creative muscles so I am very much looking forward to making a zany, happy, lovely space in my kitchen - my favorite room of the house! I'll be grouting it with a dove-gray grout, to accent the contrast from the white porcelain tiles to the colors, and also to make the marbles really stand out! Eeeeeee!!!!

3 hours later...

Think I may have found some fun fabric to upholster chairs - this is by Sunbrella so it would be good for being bathed in full sunlight (as my kitchen sometimes is) and also helpful for resisting the sticky-gooey fingerprints of nieces and nephews!

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