January 3, 2011

It's Been A While Again...

Today I return to the land of my blog, amidst yet another home-improvement project-planning-extravaganza.

It's a new year, so naturally I must find ways to sink even more time and cash into my home...  yesterday I ordered a mailbox (to replace the trashy-looking Rubbermaid thing that sits crookedly at the curb).  Today I went to Lowe's and bought a tile cutter to complete the kitchen project that's been looming... and I've even managed to recruit elves to help me with gathering supplies!   One of my co-workers was heading to The Home Depot at lunchtime today, so I sent him with a gift card, and a note to pick up six tubes of adhesive caulk for me!   I'm officially recruiting members into my home-improvement army of craziness!  :-)

The construction roller-coaster took off from the station a few weeks ago when Tyler and I tackled the installation of "Green Fiber" insulation - a fluffy cellulose insulation that is applied by a machine that vaguely resembles a roto-tiller combined with a leaf blower.  The Home Depot offered a great special on the machine - if you purchased at least 20 bags of insulation, you got 24 hours of machine rental free of charge!  I bought 25 bags, which was just enough to create a new pile of attic fluff that is roughly an R-19 insulation value.  I am forever thankful that I have access to some fantastic estimating software at work - it has really saved me some cash when it comes to over-buying on home improvement supplies!  No longer do I have buckets of paint leftover, only to toss into the "paint closet" in the garage.  (Yes, we have a paint closet - doesn't everyone?)
But I digress...  we got the insulation done with minimal trauma, returned the machine, basked in the warmth of a slightly-toastier house, and contemplated our next move.

I sat down yesterday afternoon (while fixing dinner, and between installing some wall tiles in the kitchen) to really think about what I want to accomplish this year.  Here's the mad-list so far:

  • get rid of the fire pit/chimnea in the backyard - this is going to a friend's house, just have to set aside the time to deliver it! 
  • replace the mailbox (on order already)
  • cut down some old trees in the front yard - they're icky and sickly looking, so it's time to go!
  • build a custom screen door for our ginormous front-door - 42+ inches wide.  
  • paint the bookcases and the door in the dining room (paint chip selections to be posted shortly!)
  • tile the shower surround in the hall bathroom (this was wallpapered just last year, and is now peeling)
  • install mini blinds in the guest room.  I have the blinds... just didn't get around to putting them up.
  • paint the living room, hall, stairwell, and office.  This will finally complete the color transformation in our home... or what I refer to as "erasing the idiots who lived here previously".
  • general house-keeping and maintenance around the back yard - trimming of trees and shrubs, removal of some older plants.
  • replace the pump in our outdoor fountain yet again.  GRRRRRRRRRR
  • paint shutters and front door 
 Now, mind you, this list is merely what I drafted yesterday as I was preparing dinner.  It will surely grow, both in tasks and costs. I sometimes wonder why we've never considered living in a condo... no maintenance, no worries about picking paint colors for the shutters, no landscaping, etc... and then I realize that if we lived in a maintenance-free home, I'd be bored to tears!  Our last house was brand-new when we bought it, and in two years all I ever did was to replace the kitchen faucet because I didn't like the one that our contractor picked.  It was fully functional, I just zeroed in on it because it was literally the only thing in the house that I could nit-pick because the rest of it was perfect!! 

I promise I'll be a better blogger this year... will post plenty of photos for entertainment purposes!  :-) 

Happy New Year!! 

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