January 16, 2011

Today's Project!

I had to delay the grouting of the tile in the bathroom due to the adhesive/mastic not quite being dry... so to fill the time between, I decided to tackle the replacement of the faucets in the master bathroom.  Previously I had two different faucets by "Glacier Bay" - one was an antique-looking thing (porcelain handles, chrome spout) that was in the house when we moved in. The other faucet was a brushed nickel finish faucet that I bought after we moved in because the other old-fashioned faucet had developed a bad drip that I wasn't able to fix.  I bought two of the brushed nickel faucets when I got it... just never bothered to get around to installing the second one because I was too lazy!   So for nearly two years I lived with two different style faucets in the master bathroom, which was all well and good since I didn't use the sink on the left (with the old-fashioned faucet).  Fast forward almost a year and a half, and the piece of crap Glacier Bay brushed nickel faucet was leaking already!!!  I got really REALLY frustrated and bought two Delta faucets to replace the ones that I already had.  Here's the results:

Happy Renovating (and Plumbing)!

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