January 15, 2011

Just Because I Didn't Have Enough To Do...

Today I installed ceramic tile around the top of the tub surround in our hall bathroom.  Tyler uses this bathroom every morning, and the wallpaper we purchased is apparently not up to having a steam bath daily!  We removed the wallpaper from above the tub surround (fiberglass) and I installed 6x6 beige tiles to coordinate with the wallpaper;  The grout I'll be using is called "haystack" and is just about the same color.  Once the tile is done I'll be putting up a 2-inch white cove molding to fill the gap above the tile; I'll also put it all around the bathroom to cover the top edge of the wallpaper, so this will be a nice compliment to the baseboards that are already white.  I sure am glad that my dad bought me a compound miter saw (a garage sale steal at $35!) last year, because it's definitely going to be put to good use with this project!!

Here's a few pics of the installed tile, pre-grout:

Happy Renovating (and Tiling)!

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