May 7, 2011

Let There Be Paint!

Today's scheduled painting project got off to quite a late start, courtesy of my non-functioning alarm (thank you, South Central Power for the overnight outage with no apparent cause).  I intended to get the painting completed and all of the decorative items hung/placed in our living room, but it seemed as though I wasn't going to get it done!   I started painting after noon, and lo and behold, I was able to get the entire living room and a good part of the downstairs hallway painted with my new favorite paint - Valspar Interior Flat Finish from Lowe's.  Last month I got a coupon in my e-mail to get this stuff for only $15.97 a gallon, so I jumped on that deal (regular price is $24.97).  I neglected to read the label when I purchased it, lest I would have seen that it's a) scrubbable when dry; b) water only clean up (didn't even need soap!!) and c) "Thick One Coat Coverage".  Now, when they say this is thick paint, they're not kidding - I honestly thought there was something wrong with it because it was nearly the consistency of cake batter!!!! Then I read the label on the can and saw that it was their "thick" formula.   I was slightly annoyed because I thought this was going to make it not go so far, or that it would be difficult to apply... but I was dead wrong.  It went on the walls fabulously, had virtually no spattering (unlike some other thinner paints when you roll them) and clean-up was a breeze!  It's rare that I find a product that I use in my house and I think to myself, "I don't think I'll ever need to buy anything but this brand from now on," but I'm seriously thinking that very thought about this paint!!  For those folks who are not fans of flat finish, I have to admit that this is probably closer to an eggshell - it's clearly not that flat "builders grade" paint that you think of when you imagine flat finish... it's got a very slight sheen to it, and it looks lovely on the walls of my living room!  

Photos to be posted later this week month season... need to get the new curtain rods and artwork hung up and then we'll be ready for a photo shoot!

Happy Renovating (and Painting)!

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