May 8, 2011

Revenge of the House

Well, the painting is done, and decorating is in-progress... next weekend's project will be to (hopefully) complete the couch re-covering and paint the DVD shelves.  I was really hoping that this project wasn't going to end like most of my other home improvement adventures, meaning that I would actually be injury-free upon completion.  No such luck... last night I managed to give myself a lovely contusion on the front of my right ankle as I was moving the antique Morris chair - there's a wooden frame underneath for the foot rest, and it slid out at warp-speed and crashed into my leg as I was carrying the chair back into the room.  This morning, I was hanging some of the artwork and I managed to slice into my right index finger with an "EZ anchor" wall screw.  While these things are brilliant for hanging heavy items because they bite into sheetrock, they are also quite efficient at tearing into flesh, especially when being sped along with an 18v drill.  At least I caught it quick enough so as to not get any drips of blood on the fresh paint! :-)

Now that I've grossed you out,  here's a few photos, as promised!

Showing the color change from the kitchen to living room:

 overview of corner area (more decor items still needed):

opposite corner - the DVD case (on left) will be painted soon : 

Another overview - again, still need to work on decor...

It's getting there... but I must say, I LOVE this new color - it's so "happy" compared to the blah pinky-tan color that was in here before!

Now I just need to determine what color to paint the DVD cases.  Not sure if I want to go with gloss white, or a light sea green color (to compliment the walls) or even a deeper blue like the indigo that is on the accent table in the second and fourth photos.  The Morris chair (antique chair with the teddy bears) may get a new cover once the couch is completed - leaning towards a soft denim-type fabric to make a casual slipcover.  The striped club chair is also going to get a new cover, but I think I can get away with buying one from Sure-fit since it's a pretty standard size.  Not that I don't enjoy making my own slipcovers... but it's sure a heck of a lot easier to buy one that will fit right out of the package!!

Happy Renovating!

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