May 14, 2011

New Year's Resolution Updates

I was looking back through this year's posts and found my note from 1/3/11 about the things that we had to get accomplished here at the house this year.  So far, I've made a pretty fair dent in the list! 

  • get rid of the fire pit/chimnea in the backyard - this is going to a friend's house, just have to set aside the time to deliver it!   DONE three weekends ago.  Got rid of the chimnea, the firewood, AND a park bench! 

  • replace the mailbox (on order already)   DONE and I love the new box - it's so cute! 

  • cut down some old trees in the front yard - they're icky and sickly looking, so it's time to go!  It's like a whole different house.  I realized that with all of the over-grown crap in the front yard, our place looked a little like Boo Radley's house (from To Kill a Mockingbird)

  • build a custom screen door for our ginormous front-door - 42+ inches wide.  Scratched this one.  More on this later... 

  • paint the bookcases and the door in the dining room (paint chip selections to be posted shortly!)   Still haven't done this.  I have the paint, just haven't made the time.

  • tile the shower surround in the hall bathroom (this was wallpapered just last year, and is now peeling)  Done.

  • install mini blinds in the guest room.  I have the blinds... just didn't get around to putting them up.  The blinds are still in the guest room closet. Bah. 

  • paint the living room, hall, stairwell, and office.  This will finally complete the color transformation in our home... or what I refer to as "erasing the idiots who lived here previously".  2/3 complete, and loving the results! 

  • general house-keeping and maintenance around the back yard - trimming of trees and shrubs, removal of some older plants.  In progress...

  • replace the pump in our outdoor fountain yet again.  GRRRRRRRRRR  Solved this problem by removing the outdoor fountain and filling it in with soil for my herb garden expansion. 

  • paint shutters and front door   After further review, I decided that I didn't like the front door.  We're hiring a company to replace the door (including the jamb, threshold, casing, brick moulding, etc... with a heavy-duty steel door, already pre-painted (powdercoat) with a lovely shade of forest green.  The shutters will be removed and replaced with raised-panel style (as opposed to the louvered)  vinyl shutters in forest green.   

  • So far I'm quite pleased with the progress we've made on the list!  Not on here, but worth an honorable mention... we're getting a new window for the kitchen (same folks who are handling the door replacement).  I am having a cantilevered garden window installed above my kitchen sink so I can place potted plants there.  Our windows in this house have no sills, so the only practical way to get what I want (plant-growing space) is to get this style of window.   It's been something that I've always wanted to have, so I decided it was time to make the investment to get something I want!   It's going to take 8-10 weeks to get the window and door in (they're being custom made), so pictures to come later this summer! 

    Happy Renovating! 

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