October 1, 2011

Living Room In The Round

After spending the past few days staring at my living room and moving pieces of furniture around, I think I've got it pretty much the way I want it.  I had slipcovers on the sofas for a while, but last weekend I decided to deep-clean the upholstery to see if it would work for me.. I'm pretty happy with the results!

The chair at the desk is temporarily borrowed from the kitchen table.

Family things - the rocking chair belonged to Tyler's grandma, the clock on the wall was hand-made by Tyler's great uncle Rich as a wedding present for us.

Thinking I need another small lamp for the right side of the sofa...?

Another family thing - the coat tree was made by my grandfather.

I think I need more artwork...  going to paint the end tables, too. They were a dumpster-diving special, so I didn't get a choice in the color.  I was thrilled that I found four of them though! :-)

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