January 7, 2011

I Really Ought To Consider A Part-Time Job At The Home Depot...

I have spent untold thousands of dollars at The Home Depot over the past nine years of being a homeowner.  I tend to prefer Home Depot for most purchases, although Lowe's usually gets the stamp of approval for paint products - I LOVE the Olympic Brand No-VOC interior paints - no VOC's equals no stinky fumes!!   Other than paint though, I like using Home Depot for a few reasons...

  1. It's convenient.  Throw a rock.  Any direction, doesn't matter.  Chances are you'll hit a Home Depot, a Walgreens, or a family-style casual dining restaurant if you're anywhere in Central Ohio.
  2. The people are (generally) more helpful than at Lowe's.  I find that this theory holds true for the Brice Road versions of said stores.  As these locations are the closest to me, I compare them most often.  I really like the Lowe's store on Broad Street (Blacklick) though, and the Canal Winchester Home Depot is awesome!   But the Easton/Gahanna area locations of both stores really suck.
  3. They have sales on things you actually need.  Today I bought some new faucets for the master bathroom - regular price was $68; new "sale" price was $48 each for Delta faucets - score!! 
  4. Homer Paint Buckets Rock. Go ahead and laugh...  then go and try to find an empty 5-gallon bucket with matching lid at Lowe's some day.  You'll be searching high and low for one until you give up and stomp out of the store all frustrated.  
I worked at The Home Depot in high school... was the phone operator for their entire store - got calls from contractors asking about their orders; customers about their delivery items, etc...  I thought it was pretty cool at the time, and heck of a lot better than being a fry-cook at McD's or serving old fogeys at Bob Evans for $2 an hour plus tips.  These days I get paid a whole lot more dough to sit and answer a phone and talk to contractors all day long about building materials, and talk to customers about how soon their repairs will be finished...  Hmm.  Sounds like basically the same job, huh?  Maybe I COULD get a part time job at HD... but only if I get a discount. :-)

Happy Renovating!

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