January 11, 2011

Kitchen Accessory Round-Up

because I am bored and have nothing useful to post, I will instead share the delights of the funky and funny kitchen accessories and decorations that I've accumulated over the years... starting out with the piece(s) that formed that first little snowball of an idea for my kitchen and dining room re-do, The Vintage Pyrex Dishes:

Next up is my favorite piece of artwork for my kitchen - also a color palette inspiration.  I bought this years ago and always had it stashed in the closet of my guest bedroom, waiting for it to find a home!

For anyone who doesn't already know... it's Fox in Socks on Box on Knox!  LOVE Dr. Seuss!!!  :-)

One last little blurb, then I'm letting the pictures fly...

This placemat is from the Omni Hut in Smyrna, Tennessee.  One of the last "authentic" Tiki restaurants in the United States, this place serves some pretty tasty Polynesian & Asian Rim Cuisine... added bonus is that it's BYOB all the time since they don't have a liquor permit!!   I love Tiki restaurants, and will forever be annoyed at and disappointed  with the owners of the Kahiki Supper Club in Columbus for selling the building (a National Registry Historic Place) to Walgreens, of all things.  They promptly ripped down the restaurant, built the bazillionth Walgreens in Columbus, and *poof!* There goes history!!   So sad...

Here's the rest of the photos, with a few quick notes...  Enjoy!!

A coil vase I made in college

My Cracker Barrel Chicken and my Kiwi Green Le Creuset pot that I picked up for a song ($60!!!) at the LC outlet in Yemassee, South Carolina 

Funny little sign I bought in a shop at Hilton Head last year

The beautiful Galileo thermometer that my mom got me for my birthday this year!  :-) 

A funky Florida Cypress clock that my dad found while dumpster-diving...
still worked, just needed a battery! (and a 1970's house to put it in)

McCoy Wishing Well cookie jar.  My Great Grandma White (we called her Grandma Hazel) had a jar just like this one in her kitchen, and she always kept it stocked with iced oatmeal cookies.  My sister and I would make a beeline for that cookie jar every time we went to visit her!  When she passed away, the jar was sold at auction, and I spent years searching for one... finally found it online from an antiques dealer outside of Philly!

IKEA "Etty" dishtowels.  1) they're adorable.  2) they remind me of my niece, Ellie, because she calls herself "Eddie" or "Etty" every now and again... :-)

My collection of colorful silicone spatulas.  One might ask if it's necessary to have so many... to which I reply, "Yes, it's not only necessary, it's critical.  Ever tried to make 10 batches of fudge at Christmas-time and you're too lazy to wash dishes?"

Silly plastic spoons.  Thoroughly impractical for cooking as they clank loudly on pans, but they're so darned cute as slotted serving spoons! 

A Close-up view of the silly spoons  :-)

Hope you've enjoyed your guided tour through my kitchen accessory collection!

Next up on the blog... GROUTING!!!   Stay tuned this coming weekend... 

Happy Renovating (and Decorating)!

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